About Us
Safiran Payam Darya (SAPID) was established on April, 13th 2009 as a private NVOCC company.
Its headquarter is located in Tehran.
SAPID is proud to offer bulk and general cargo shipping services from/to the majority of ports around the globe.

Our Vision

To be a leading and customer-oriented company in sea transportation with highest standards and commitments to valued clients and effective presence in Middle-East and global shipping market.

Our Mission

SAPID Shipping intends to develop & improve scope of its operations and expand its regional and global market share. The company’s effort is to maximize efficiency in all aspects in order to reach higher levels of profitability, and to serve its shareholders the best.
This organization is greatly conscious and sensitive towards society, natural environment, and national and international rules and regulations. Here humanity values have always the highest priority. Our company has deep trust in its employees’ devotion, knowledge and professionalism.
Our goals are increasing company’s capabilities and offering quality services to customers therefore, our primary focus goes to taking advantage of the latest technologies and innovations.
SAPID Shipping always tries his best to serve its customers and shareholders’ interest in the best way by being agile and proactive against fast and sudden changes of external environment, alongside having serious sense of loyalty towards national and international objectives and responsibilities.